Reel Setup for Seaslinger & Guerrilla Sling

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We offer two different reels for the Seaslinger & Guerrilla Sling. The small reel holds 75 feet and the large reel holds 125 feet of line. The two reels come filled with a super stiff spectra line especially made for our sling. This spectra is extremely stiff and abrasion resistant. The stiffness help the user by keeping the shooting line manageable and tangle free while the abrasion resistance prevents cuts from reefs or wrecks.


Small Reel:

o   75 feet of 600lb spectra

Weight = 7 oz.

Large Reel:

o   125 feet of 600lb spectra

Weight = 8 oz.

Replacement Parts:

  • Stiffy String Reel Line



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